Dyno Software for any Dynamometer
for any Inertia Dyno or with load by eddy current retarder brake eddie current brake / retarder or both
4WD AWD Dyno Software and Dyno System Specialist - for any linked or free rolling 4x4  4WD dyno
Dyno Data PC computer Systems for any Dyanamometer:

SUN Ram 12, SUN Ram XII, SUN Ram 11, SUN Ram XI, MAHA LPS 13, Maha LPS 12, Maha LPS 2000, Hofmann, Bosch LPS 002, Bosch FLA 203, Bosch FLA 206
Hofmann Dynatest, Superflow, Dynojet, Mustang, Clayton, Vamag, Vane

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P996 on Bosch FLA 206 inertia dyno chassis dyno inertia software P996GT3 Porsche 996 GT3 on Schenck Dyno Brake Engine Dyno

Data Acquisition Systems 
for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Engine Dynamometer
Chassis Dynamometer / Rolling Road

the New Generation flexible and modular Data Acquisition System - fully upgradeable and expandable at any time, up to 256 channels possible !

inertia dyno software screen live sensors
Real-time Display of all sensor values during a dyno power run

    We supply :

    (1)  Data Acquisition with Graphing Package and Real-Time Display  
              for upgrading any Engine Dynamometer
    * Real-Time Display of all Sensor Values

    * Color Printouts of corrected Power and Torque with many features...

    LAMBDA... AIR/FUEL ratio ...Exhaust Gas Temperatures... connect a Bosch GAS ANALYZER... inlet AIR / oil / water TEMPERATURES... TURBO BOOST... TURBO RPM... FUEL FLOW... tap signals from Management System... further Sensors of your choice...

    -> Dynamometer Data Acquisition Demotwo Demo Slide Shows (please note "Readme.txt")

    -> Dynamometer Data Acquisition Brochure 12-page .pdf Brochure 

    suitable for all:  Stuska    Go Power    Super Flow    DTS   Schenck    Froude    Hofmann    AVL    Maha        Borghi & Saveri  ...and many more models... 



    (2)   Enhanced Software and Hardware specially developed for the
      LPS 002, BOSCH LPS 96 / Bosch LPS 97 / Bosch LPS 98,
    MAHA LPS 2000
    and Maha LPS 13 and SUN,
    Sun Ram XII, Sun Ram 12, Sun Ram XI, Sun LPS 2000, other Sun Ram
    and Road-a-Matic
    ( Roadamatic ) Chassis Dynamometer or Rolling Road as well as
    Snap-On SUN Electric ASM ,  also Hofmann
    Dynatest  (wheel power data is tapped of the OEM system)

    Bosch LPS002 inertia dyno software upgrade for BOSCH, all MAHA and SUN... connect more Sensors (up to 256)... calculation of Power losses... calculation of corrected flywheel Power and Torque... Graphing under Windows... printouts of Power runs on A4... real-time display of all Sensor readings...

    for Sun  MAHA  LPS 2000 and Sun  MAHA  LPS 13 as well as SUN Sun RAM and Road-a-Matic

    click here to go to the 

                                ->  Sun / Maha  info page

                                ->  Maha ASM / Sun Electric / Snap-On)

                                ->  Sitemap - find all pages regarding Chassis Dynamometers

                                ->  Pictures of TAT equipped Chassis Dynamometers

                                ->  Inertia / Acceleration Dyno Info Page 
    (pdf-File, requires Acrobat Reader, 550kb)
                      ->  TAT's own  1,200 hp Chassis Dynamometer 2WD and 4WD  <--

    chassis dyno software Porsche 996 GT3



    (3)   Enhanced Software and Hardware specially developed for the
    BOSCH FLA 203  Bosch FLA 202  Bosch FLA 206  
    Chassis Dynamometer or Rolling Road 
    (power data is tapped of the OEM system)

    Bosch FLA 203 206 inertia dyno BOSCH FLA 203 / BOSCH FLA 206 Rolling Road / Chassis Dynamometer

    two new Enhancements for all FLA 203 / FLA 206, Windows-Graphics-Package and 8 universal Sensor inputs

    click here to go to the  
                   -> Bosch FLA 202 / Bosch FLA 203 / Bosch FLA 206  Software  info page



    (4)  Enhanced Data Acquisition to upgrade any Chassis Dynamometer or Rolling Road to an acceleration or so-called inertia Dynamometer (no OEM system necessary - power is calculated solely by the TAT system and is based on precisely monitoring the roller acceleration - accurately and consistent)
    Bosch LPS002 with inertia dyno software system

    Upgrades for any Chassis Dynamometer

    suitable for all:     Super Flow    Maha    Hofmann     Clayton   Vane    Mustang     Dynojet    ...and many more models...

    ->  Inertia / Acceleration Dyno Info Page 
    (pdf-File, requires Acrobat Reader, 550kb)



    (5)  Complete Engine Dynamometer Systems (10,000 rpm continuous speed,  up to 1,600 HP)
    schenck braked engine dyno software

    -> Dynamometer Data Acquisition:  System Information I:  
                                                   Software and overall information

    -> Dynamometer Data Acquisition: System Information II:  
                                                   the_Electronics of the System and Concept

    -> Dynamometer Data Acquisition Brochure 12-page .pdf Brochure 

    -> Pictures of TAT Dynamometers



    (6) Dynamometer Speed Controllers      Specialist for 4x4  4WD dyno system  dyno controller               please ask !



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